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Ein neues Siegel auf den Havanna-Kistchen? Mir ist das nicht aufgefallen. Gut gibt es Online-Publikationen wie Die liefern auch gleich die Erklärung für den Wechsel – Fälscher, ist doch klar – und die wichtigsten Änderungen:

Even though more than 95% of the Warranty Seal is essentially the same, every square millimeter of the artwork has been re-engraved and/or re-drawn much more finely and professionally, yet without altering the overall traditional look of the Seal.

The borders, background and central area of the Seal are nearly identical in detail and form, and the Cuban Republic Coat of Arms (or Shield), in the oval on the left side of the Seal, is virtually the same too.

One piece of art has changed… almost unnoticeable are the revisions to the Tobacco Field Vignette which appears in the oval on the right side of the Seal.

That scene, depicting field workers among rows of tobacco plants, with a shack and palm trees on hills in the background, remains similar to the previous versions… however, upon close inspection, you will find that it has been completely redrawn.

We can clearly count only five individual field workers amongst the tobacco plants, with 12 palm trees on higher ground in the background.

FYI, the 1950s version Seals depicted nine field workers; and the most recent (1990s version) also showed nine workers (i.e., when their printing was sharp enough to make them out.)


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