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«The first cigar ever launched into space»


Die Alec Bradley Mundial ist die erste Zigarre der Welt (und darüber hinaus), die im Weltall lanciert wird. Ein bisschen wenigstens. Auf der Facebookseite von Alec Bradley wird die lustige Idee erklärt:

An event like no other! Alec Bradley Cigar Co is launching a new cigar, literally. The Alec Bradley Mundial will become the first cigar ever launched into space. This one of a kind event can only take place in Las Vegas, and when in Vegas, it’s all about high rollers, and grand events. The launch will take place Saturday, July 13th at 9am from atop The Palms Place Hotel and Spa’s Penthouse roof, 59 floors above the desert and casinos. The Alec Bradley Mundial ( Mundial means “Worldwide”) will ride into space via a SkyProbe weather balloon. Once deployed, the balloon will escort our cigar, safely contained, back to Earth bringing views experienced by few. Upon successful retrieval, at a gathering of press, celebrities, and cigar enthusiasts, there will be a select few that will have the one and only experience of smoking the only cigars in history to have been to the vacuum of space and back. The Alec Bradley Mundial launch into space will be a unique event, with a unique cigar, at a unique place in the world. It’s history in the making!


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