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(Zu) Überwältigender Geschmack

In Cigar Aficionado Online fragt ein Leser, warum der Geschmack von Zigarren zu überwältigend werde könne, wenn er zu schnell rauche? In der Anwort wird unter anderem geraten, nicht mehr als ein Mal pro Minute an der Zigarre zu ziehen, da diese sonst zu heiss werde. Nachfolgend der ganze Text:

Q: Sometimes I feel as if I smoke too quickly and the taste becomes too overwhelming. What can be causing this?

A: Smoking cigars is a subjective experience, so there might be several reasons that you feel overwhelmed.

How often you should puff on your cigar is determined partly by mechanics and partly by pleasure. A well-made cigar requires about one puff per minute to keep it from going out. More frequent puffs will make it burn faster and therefore smoke hotter. If you’re puffing quickly, that could be the reason for the overwhelming taste you noted.

If you were smoking a poorly made cigar that is hard to keep lit, you might be re-lighting the cigar over and over, which heats it up, and can burn your palate.

But any cigar can be overwhelming if it’s too powerful for your taste. In today’s marketplace, there is an incredible diversity of blends and strengths. You should talk with your tobacconist and explore similar flavors to the ones you enjoy now, but with a milder body.


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