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„Altadis still has fire“

Goldman Sachs bewertet den Europäischen Branchenprimus Altadis, respektive dessen Aktien, als attraktiv – insbesondere auch wegen der Aussichten der Zigarren-Division. Der Finanznachrichtendienst Dow Jones Newswires schreibt:

Altadis Still Has Fire – Goldman Sachs

1035 GMT [Dow Jones] Altadis (ALT.MC) is attractive on valuation grounds, despite the recent tobacco tax hike in Spain, says Goldman Sachs. Keeps outperform rating, noting that share price is likely to be supported by M&A trends within the sector. It cuts 05, 06, 07 EPS estimates by an average of 3% to reflect the tax hit, but expects „strong contributions from Morocco, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as from the cigar division.“


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