Manuel Fröhlich Historisches

Die Geschichte der Partagas Salomones II

Auf der Seite der Casa del Habano Hamburg von Christoph Wolters steht zur Zeit ein limitierter Partagas Especialidad 1996 Salomones II Humidor zum Verkauf. In der Illustrierten Enzyklopädie der postrevolutionären Havanna-Cigarren kann man nachlesen, dass der Händler Christoph Wolters einst in die Entwicklung dieses speziellen Formats involviert war. Die komplette Geschichte hat Christoph in einem längeren Text niedergeschrieben. Hier nur ein kurzer Ausschnitt, der zum Lesen anregen soll:

(..) The battle between my supporters and the opponents came to the peak when Senora Amalia announced any cigar like the Salomones could not be commercially released as it would interfere with a brand coming out in some time (what she meant was the CUABA brand).

No cigar like mine possible ? 1500 sticks ready. It was time for more Mojitos with Jaime, Jorge Luna and Crisanto, the production head of Partagas. Telling my supporters about the problem Habanos S.A. had with the vitola Crisanto had the idea to solve it. We should cut a bit off the foot, call them Salomones II and everybody would be happy. So Crisanto created the new vitola, the name and Faustino Ramons only had to cut off a bit from the 1500 sticks he had finished by then.

I flew back home knowing I had started a very complex issue as I now needed to sell the stick. Now, what a man starts he has to finish. Speaking to the sole importer of Cuban cigars to Germany about the soon incoming cigars ordered by me they had to (!) arrange shipping, import and calculation. The price of one of my commissioned cigars (officially imported and distributed to me) was fixed at 100.- Deutsche Mark (today 50 Euro/65 USD) and thus they turned out being the most expensive Cuban smokes on the market in 1996.


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